We create high quality IPs in form of interactive media and cross-platform software.

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What's up! Luxembourg

Our latest application shows you what is going on in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. With thousands of users in the region, it offers a great platform for advertising local businesses and services.

Neat ideas turned into interactive products

Whether we create the idea or you have an existing one and want us to develop it for you,
we can provide you with awesome services!

Mobile Apps

We develop high quality mobile apps for iOS and Android, with a high degree of code sharing! We also develop server side modules and desktop-based management systems for your apps.

Large Interfaces

We are specialized in developing interactive software for large screens and touchscreen walls and tables, as well as making use of hand gestures and body tracking.

Rapid Prototyping

We work with you to quickly experiment with your ideas by rapidly prototyping them!

Full IP Transfer

We transfer full ownership and rights of the created IPs to you after the project is finished.

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